Fragrances and Perfumes

Fragrances in Human Life

Legend has it that when French Emperor Napoleon was about 3 days away from home on the way back from a battle, he sent a message to Josephine instructing her not to wash herself until he was back. While many sticklers for hygiene may not agree with Napoleon’s desire, science has proven that natural personal smell is a very strong feature of attraction between lovers. One’s natural smell can be detected no matter what other fragrance is added to it. So, even under our shampoos and soaps, deodorants and colognes, perfumes and body splashes, our natural personal smell can be detected by another human being.

Science has also proven that these natural smells are called pheromones and they have a very profound effect on us. Even though they are practically undetectable, they can repel or attract people in a way that even they cannot understand. They can encourage or prevent certain behaviors in people, for instance certain smells can make us feel hungry even after a full meal or some smells inspire confidence in some people. Some smells can even be used to deter small crimes like shoplifting.

Smells have such a deep impact on us mainly because the part of our brain that senses these fragrances is the same part of the brain from which we emote. This is why there is strong association between fragrances and emotions, leading to a strong connection between smells and memories as well. Some smells take you back to your childhood immediately, whereas some other smells may remind you of something negative and you feel repelled by it.

Smells play an important part in the life of any animal. They use smell to detect their prey or food as well as to stay clear of their predators. For human beings, the question of survival is no longer important in the modern setting, but that does not mean that the importance of smell has declined. In fact, smells help us make a number of decisions on a daily basis from what to eat to which soap to buy. More importantly, it plays a very important role in social settings. Without us realizing it, smells attract some people to us and repel some others. This just goes to show how important a role smells play in human life.

One very significant impact of smells in human life is on a person’s health and well being. Science has proven that smells are therapeutic and can help the body heal in a number of different ways. Most commonly, certain smells help trigger certain reactions in the brain that help the process of healing. In some other cases, it helps the body and mind relax in order to soothe pain and tension. Aromas can help you de-stress, enable you to sleep better, recharge your batteries, make you feel energized, ensure you have a healthy appetite and improve your immunity system amongst many other therapeutic benefits. This use of aromas to provide a number of therapeutic benefits and enhance a person’s sense of well being has been developed into a science called Aromatherapy.

As you can see, smells, fragrances and aromas play a very significant role in one’s life. But perhaps, the most critical role they play is in our interaction with people. The fact that smells can decide who we are attracted to or repelled from makes them a very powerful agent in our social life. No wonder then that people from time immemorial have made use of perfumes to increase their attraction to other people. Perfumes have been used in many different forms in many different cultures around the world for hundreds of years.

Science has progressed in modern times to make perfumes even more effective. As research began to discover the importance of pheromones in our lives, perfume makers have been highly attracted to the idea of adding pheromones to perfumes to increase their effectiveness. Science has even been able to develop odorless pheromones that can be added to perfumes to create an extra special effect. And, science has also been able to provide us with different kinds of pheromones for different kinds of effects. Of course, the most popular pheromones are those that help us attract the more attractive members of the opposite sex!

You can surely imagine how important it is to choose the right perfume. To begin with, there is whole lot of variety available and secondly, you need to consider how it makes you feel. It is almost like choosing a lover: you need to know a lot about it before you decide to make it yours and you have to take your feelings into account very seriously!

This is where we come in. We have created this website for the express purpose of providing information on different types of perfumes, the fragrance families that exist, what the right way to wear a perfume is and how you can buy the most perfect perfume for you or your loved one.

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