Buying a New Perfume

Before You Buy a New Fragrance

Check Your Fragrance Personality Before Shopping For a New Perfume

Your choice of perfumes says a lot about you and this is the reason you should put a lot of thought into buying a new perfume. Everybody has different expectations when it comes to what they want their new fragrance to make them feel. While some look for fresh and squeaky clean, other go for energetic or exotic. Some new perfume may say youthful while the other says woman- of- the- world. The market is very big and this makes it difficult for you to choose. But, you can always eliminate the scent that you dislike and this will shorten the list considerably. Preferences differ from individual to individual and while some might love lavender other may not. Tobacco on the other hand is liked by both men and women and is found in a lot of perfumes. It gives a leathery, spicy fragrance and should be considered while looking for a new perfume.

Don’t rush into buying a new fragrance

Shopping for perfumes is not like shopping for clothes. When you try too many perfumes in a day, your senses get confused and you will not really know how your new perfume actually smells. Sometimes it so happens that the actual smell can be sensed only after it stays on you for a while. Also, when you have tried smelling a lot of perfumes at the sample counter, you may actually smell a mix of different fragrances and not the real one. The best way to go about buying a new perfume is by checking a single scent a day and choosing the one you like when you have smelt all of your choices, one at a time. It will also help to start with light scents. Take a break between smelling the new perfumes and if it is a really heady one take longer breaks, say for 20 minutes or so.

Read the packaging

The packaging can give you a lot of information about how the perfume can smell like. If you wish to choose between light and heady scents, the information on the package is sufficient to tell you what is in the bottle. If you are going for fruity or floral scents, the packages often indicate what the bottle holds. The one’s designed for teens come with sweet, aqueous fragrance and are generally found in shiny, funky bottles.

Making your nose smell right

When you sample too many perfumes in a short period of time, your olfactory senses tend to shut down. They tend to get habituated to smells that are smelt continuously. Palate cleansing is done by either taking a break from the scents or smelling coffee beans that are generally provided in all perfume sampling places. Most boutiques provide customers looking for a new perfume with this coffee bean bowl and if they don’t, you will need to take a long break to clear your olfactory senses. This is more or less the same purpose of using bread between tasting wines. The salespeople can help you with choosing a new fragrance if you tell them your preferences. They can also suggest how you can combine the scents if you have a certain scent of lotion that should go with it.

Tips and Advice

– Learn about the fragrance families from the fragrance experts and how every new perfume will fit into one or more of these families. This will help you choose the right fragrance if you know one that you like.

– Allowing a scent to develop is very important. Sometimes you may not like a scent when you first spray it as it smells too strong but after it develops; it may not seem that bad. This holds true even if you like a particular perfume. Walk around for 20 minutes and buy it only if you like it at the end of twenty minutes.

– Experts say that the scraps of paper that the perfume is sprayed on are not the real indicators of how the perfume will smell. So use it one your self before buying it or you may end up with something you don’t like.

– As a perfume is a personal choice and a reflection of who you are, you should choose it by yourself and not let people around you influence you.

– Preserving perfumes in the refrigerator doesn’t help make it any better. The best way to keep the new perfume smelling the way it is, is by keeping up on the shelf.

– Perfumes smell different on different people. So don’t choose a perfume just because you find it smells good on a friend. Find your own scent.

– The scent you wear may not smell the same as you age. Keep this in mind when you go shopping for a new perfume and try a new smell rather than the same thing you bought two decades ago.

– Fragrances are always a personal choice so buying it for someone as a gift is not always a good idea. If they have a favorite perfume that is getting over, it is a good idea to buy the same one. If you really want to, buy a new perfume from the same brand with the same strength but never try to surprise somebody with a whole new type of perfume.