Popular Men’s Cologne and Aftershave

Till the advent of the metro-sexual man, the men’s cosmetic industry was as basic as could be. Besides spending on toothpaste, deodorant and perhaps hair oils and gels, the largest component of men’s grooming products would be the shaving market. Aftershave and cologne are items that tend to fly off the counter, but this is also not guaranteed as it is dependent on the style police at any given time, and different brands are popular at different times.

Remember the days when every man wore either Aqua Velva or Old Spice, with maybe a Brut thrown in for good measure? Later in the 80s and 90s, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Davidoff had cornered the market on men’s cologne. Now, Pierre Cardin, Lagerfeld, Nino Cerutti, Drakkar Noir, Joop and Jack Black are some of the popular choices available for your sampling. If you’re looking to get your significant other cologne to match his personality and style sense, what are the trendy scents to check out? We go through some of the most popular men’s colognes below, and survey prices, reviews and where you can buy these colognes.

Tips to remember:

Most men like to use aftershave as it refreshes the skin and acts as a skin toner by firming up the pores. Aftershave does have a milder fragrance than cologne and doesn’t linger on the skin as long. As cologne is more concentrated than aftershave, you should be careful while applying it. A small drop goes a long way, and unless you want to have people cringe at the strong smell emanating from you, it’s best to spray the cologne a couple of times in the air and then let the mist settle on you. You can also walk through the mist to get an even lighter aroma. We also get used to our own scents and perfumes in a short while and lose perspective on how much is required to sustain a non-intrusive scent through the day. It’s best to ask your significant other or someone else whose opinions you trust about your smell and when enough is enough! It’s also good to change your cologne every once in a while and when sampling new scents, go to a department store which has small tester vials which you can use back at home to check their suitability for your skin type and sensibility.

Most men are content to wear cologne picked for them by their significant other as they are not too nit-picky about smells. Women in general have a more finely tuned sense of smell and can differentiate between various notes of a perfume far more easily. So when men buy their ladies perfume as a gift, it’s best to go with an old favorite or get a recommendation from the woman in question rather than getting experimental.

Ordering for Cologne and Aftershave Online:

Colognes, like most elements of style and fashion has different brands getting popular in waves – you’re hot, and then you’re not! But, while styles may come and go, your cologne bottle will last for a good many years so you should decide whether you want to have a plethora of perfume that you use intermittently, or whether you would prefer to stick with an old favorite. If you’re trying something new then it’s best to go to a department or men’s store where you are spoilt for choice and there are often helpful assistants to guide you in your purchase. However, if you know what you want and don’t require any tester sample, then shopping online is one of the most convenient and cheap options for you. Amazon is the world’s most trusted online retailer and we would suggest that you stick with them for any such online purchase. They have a comprehensive selection and have great offers and service and you will find anything you need be it perfume or cologne for women or men.

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